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Mourad Bakhali

Game Developer

Mourad Bakhali
31 years old
Driving License
Sidi Moukhtar (41152) Morocco
Professional Status
  • UE4 is the engine used to develop the The Dark Occult game. I used C++ to program it.
  • Programmed main character's behavior
  • Programmed UI elements
  • Programmed Artificial Intelligence of enemies
  • Programmed the gameplay elements of the game
  • Ported the game to PS4
  • Steam link:
Detailed Description
  • Worked on The Dark Occult one of the most anticipated horror games. I was the only
    programmer in the team so I had the chance to tackle in different areas, I programmed main character's
    behaviors, UIs, Enemies AI, did some VFX, and programming all the GPEs in the game.
    I worked with PS4 development Kit, I ported the game to PS4, the
    task end-up successfully with 60Fps, I edited UE4 engine source code a bit to make the
    game-save-process happens in a separate thread instead of blocking the main thread on PS4 console.
  • Trailer video:
  • Steam: